A passenger in an Uber vehicle died in a collision with a TRAX train in downtown Salt Lake City

“A passenger in an Uber vehicle was killed in Salt Lake City after the car collided with a TRAX train. The train was traveling eastbound while the southbound Uber car, moving at 40 mph, ran a red light, according to police.

The back end of the car clipped the front end of the TRAX train, resulting in the death of the passenger. Despite attempts to save them, the passenger was unable to be rescued. The driver of the Uber car was not seriously injured and is cooperating with the investigation.

The Salt Lake City Police accident investigation team is on the scene, and the intersection will be closed for five hours. Meanwhile, UTA is operating a bus bridge between the Courthouse and Ballpark TRAX stations.

If the allegations of running a red light are true, the driver could potentially face criminal charges such as reckless driving or negligent homicide, and civil charges for being responsible for the death of the passenger.

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