Former Uber driver linked to sexual assault by DNA, leading to additional charges, according to DA’s office

Cesar Martell, a 29-year-old former Uber driver accused of sexually assaulting multiple women, is set to appear in court on Tuesday morning. Martell was initially arrested earlier this month after DNA evidence linked him to his first attack, leading to further charges by the Houston Police Department and Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Uber stated that they removed Martell from the platform immediately upon learning about the allegations and have been cooperating with the police in the investigation.

Martell’s initial charge was for an attempted sexual assault that occurred in June 2021. The victim reported that she was picked up by a man after leaving a nightclub and walking along Highway 59. The man allegedly stopped the car, locked the doors, and assaulted her. She managed to escape and seek help.

Court records indicate that DNA evidence connects Martell to other potential sexual assault cases from May 2023. One of these alleged victims reported that Martell was driving for Uber at the time of the incident.

The DA’s office has stated that there are at least two additional victims fitting this scenario.

To stay safe when using rideshare services, it is advised to sit in the backseat when traveling alone, share your destination with a friend or family member, and trust your instincts, calling 911 if something feels off.

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