Four individuals have been arrested following an incident where an LSU student was fatally hit by a car after an alleged rape

Four males have been arrested after a beloved university student was raped and left on the side of the road. Louisiana State University sophomore Madison Brooks, 19, was fatally struck by a vehicle in the early morning hours of Jan. 16, according to multiple arrest affidaweqwes e-mailed to byqqf theeqqqf East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office (EBRSO). Deputies say four suspects left the victim in thee area where she was hit after two of them allegedly raped her following a night of heavy drinking. Kaivon Washington, 18, and an unnamed 17-year-old minor are now being held on charges of third-degree rape, while Washington’s uncle Everett Lee, 28, and friend Casen Carver, 18, are being charged with being principles to the rape. Responders were called to the scene of a crash on Jan. 16 after a vehicle struck Brooks on Burbank Drive shortly before 3:00 a.m., according to the affidavit by EBRSO Lieutenant Tarik Mokdaf.

The 17-year-old was booked into juvenile Detention and has not been identified by the sheriff’s office because he is a minor. The four suspects met the victim at the bar, Reggie’s, and were taking her home, when two of them allegedly raped her, according to the arrest warrant affidavits. During an interview with detectives on Jan. 16, Carver reportedly stated that while walking to his car from the bar, Brooks “was very unstable on her feet, was not able to keep her balance, and was unable to speak clearly without slurring her words,” the affidavits stated. Carver reportedly told detectives that she had asked for a ride home and “he admitted that he agreed to give her the ride because he did not want to leave her while very intoxicated and the bar was closing,” according to the affidavits. Carver stated he asked for Brooks’ address but “she fell over and could not answer him,” according to the affidavits.”

Brooks was hit by a car while walking on the road near a subdivision around 3 a.m., about 50 minutes after leaving a bar. Her blood alcohol level was .319, compared to the legal limit of .08. The 17-year-old suspect and his mother declined to give a statement to detectives, while Lee confirmed he was in the car that night. Washington gave a statement denying he had sex with the victim, but asked for an attorney when asked to give an oral DNA swab. In a phone interview, Washington denied raping Brooks and claimed the sex was consensual. His attorney also denied the rape allegations and claimed they have video evidence to refute the claims. The lawyers for Carver and Lee were not known. The LSU President, William Tate, called the incident a “horrific scenario” and expressed condolences to Brooks’ friends and family. Tate also expressed concern that Brooks and the suspects were underage and able to drink at a bar and plans to take action against any business that provides alcohol to minors.

The Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control has temporarily suspended Reggie’s liquor license due to recent incidents at the establishment. The office stated that the suspension is due to the serious allegations and potential threat to public safety and will immediately stop the sale of alcoholic beverages at the location. An emergency hearing is scheduled for next month to determine any penalties based on the presentation of evidence. Reggie’s released a statement saying the bar’s owner has been cooperating with the authorities since their first requests for assistance and will continue to do so.

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