Sexual assault victims in lawsuit against Uber achieve a legal victory in their prolonged fight

A California judge has decided to combine 80 lawsuits against Uber filed by women alleging the company failed to take adequate measures to protect its passengers from sexual assault. This consolidation is a significant win for the plaintiffs seeking to highlight the widespread issue of alleged sexual assaults by Uber drivers.

Regardless of the plaintiffs’ locations, their cases, along with supporting documents, witness statements, and expert testimonies, will be presented to Judge Charles Breyer in the Northern District of California. After the pre-trial proceedings, the cases will proceed to trial in the respective states of the victims.

Bret Stanley, an attorney representing several victims, told NPR, “This is a big deal because those documents are going to help show, we believe, that the sexual assault problem from drivers to riders is a massive problem.” He further stated that the victims argue Uber does not take sufficient preventive measures against sexual assault, citing inadequate background checks and the company’s failure to remove drivers accused of sexual assault. “They’re collecting this data, allowing the person to stay on the system,” Stanley explained. “And then something terrible happens.”

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