Uber Driver Injures 20 After Crashing Into Outdoor Dining Area in Manhattan

An unfortunate event took place in Manhattan on Monday night, when an Uber vehicle collided into an outdoor dining area, resulting in injury to 20 individuals, including 3 minors. Firefighters were promptly summoned to the scene at 204th Street and Broadway after receiving a call about the crash. Although the extent of the injuries sustained by the victims remains unclear, it is believed that none of them are serious.

The employees and general manager of the restaurant, Inwood Bar and Grill, sprang into action, disregarding their own safety to assist the injured, who were surrounded by broken glass and crying. The manager, Rudy Espinal, expressed his shock at the events, stating that “the noise…the kids crying, it was terrible”. But thankfully, nobody lost their lives in the accident.

Surveillance footage from the scene revealed that the Uber vehicle was hit by an Audi car that sped off from a nearby petrol station just before the crash. Despite efforts by the police, the Audi driver remains at large. The Uber driver, Sory Toure, was not seriously injured and reported that the Audi was traveling at a high speed and hit him on the side before he crashed into the restaurant. To date, no charges have been filed against him.

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